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Mentoring Program

When you first join the SPC, you can take advantage of a special offer:

Mentoring sessions with an experienced consultant.

Regular members can schedule up to three mentoring sessions.  Associate members are entitled to one meeting with a mentor. During these sessions you’ll get the benefit of wisdom that comes with experience.

The details:

  • We do our best to choose an experienced SPC Consultant to be your mentor who will most closely match your needs.
  • This mentoring is available exclusively during the first six months of membership. We believe that early in your consulting career is the best time for this mentoring to be of greatest value. As a result, we want to encourage you to use this resource early on. After six months the formal mentoring ends.
  • Know, though, that even after this initial period, one of the ongoing benefits of membership in SPC is informal mentoring. Through your attendance at SPC events, you’ll always be able to ask fellow members for their advice on how to handle any problem or issue that you face, either right on the spot, or in a one-on-one conversation afterward. Turning to other consultants for help is one of the techniques that even seasoned consultants use when facing tough problems. It’s easier to learn from the experience of others than to reinvent the wheel.
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