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Breakfast of Champions: How to Have All the Business You Want

  • Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Rebecca's Cafe, 8 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA


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As professional consultants, we are constantly struggling to balance our time between working with existing clients and prospecting for new ones. This tension often leads to a "feast or famine": Our time is fully booked with clients ... until it isn't. Then we find ourselves with little billable work, searching for new business and relying on referrals to get busy again. 


In this presentation, longtime sales and marketing expert Dick Rossman will explain how to escape the trap of "feast or famine." Growing our business means that we must always be working to add new clients while keeping current ones satisfied. Dick will show you how to do this effectively, how to even out the revenue curve, and how to get yourself on the path to continuous growth.


You will learn how to:

   Be always on the lookout for the right kind of prospective new clients

   Network productively

   Create strategic partnerships that work for both parties

   Ask for referrals and introductions the right way

   Get referral prospects to make quicker decisions


As professional service providers and entrepreneurs, we are all "in sales," whether we admit it or not. To grow our practices, we need to understand how to find and cultivate new business most effectively. Get out of your comfort zone and join Dick and the others around the breakfast table as he explains how to do this.


About the Speaker

For over 30 years, Dick Rossman has owned and managed small businesses in manufacturing and service industries. He is experienced working with large, growing organizations as well as small, struggling ones. His broad background has provided him with a unique perspective on how successful small businesses operate efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

Using his experiences from many years in sales and marketing, Dick acts as sales coach and trainer, part-time sales manager, sales and marketing strategist, and adviser to the owner. He is passionate about bringing his experience and expertise to the people he works with.


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