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The Seven Elements for Successful Negotiation

  • Wednesday, December 07, 2022
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Virtual Event


The Seven Elements for Successful Negotiation

The SPC and the Society of Women Environmental Professionals (SWEP) are partnering to bring you this workshop.

Most people feel nervous when called to negotiate a big deal like buying a car or determining the salary of a new job.  Every day, however, we’re forging deals from determining bedtimes for our children to coping with a noisy neighbor that engage the same principles of negotiation. 

This seminar helps you move away from having to choose between domination or submission and the anxiety that often comes when in conflict. In this workshop, learn the five conflict styles and the way they impact your negotiation. Understand the seven elements of successful negotiation, the importance of careful preparation and how to expand the range of possible satisfactory outcomes.  With these tools, you’ll be ready to produce more durable agreements that both meet your interests and honor your relationships. 

Attend the workshop to meet the following goals:

  • Gain confidence and decrease anxiety when approaching any negotiation situation
  • Forge more durable and lasting agreements
  • Achieve more control in negotiations regardless of power imbalance

Here are the outcomes you'll achieve when you attend:

  • Understand the Five Conflict Styles, how to effectively use each, and when they might be an obstacle to agreement
  • Discover the Seven Elements for Successful Negotiation and how to use them to prepare for any negotiation situation
  • Learn tools to generate multiple options to increase your ability to find a mutually satisfying agreement
  • Find out how to compare other possible alternatives to those available in your negotiation to allow you to select the choice that works best for you

There's no charge for this workshop.

About Our Speaker

Since 2000, Scott Loring has been bringing his skills in communications, conflict resolution, and team building to individuals, families, and business teams. He has particular expertise assisting client-focused businesses. He helps owners and employees negotiate salaries, business mergers, and conflicts between co-workers.

Scott was trained by Meditation Works, Inc. (MWI) and Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation (PON). He has worked with clients in Boston area courts as well as in his private practice. 

Scott’s success as a coach and mediator is based on his ability to help clients achieve clarity through his intuition, deep listening, and a direct, supportive communication style.

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