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Virtual Workshop – Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth: How to Rethink Your Optimal Balance for Success

  • Wednesday, April 21, 2021
  • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Virtual Event


Why Work-Life Balance is a Myth

Are you having trouble setting boundaries between your family and professional life? Balancing working from home and spending time with your family can be stressful and leave you feeling that you don’t have enough control over your life.

Stress is something none of us can avoid. How we manage it makes all the difference in assuring that we remain consistent and productive while under stress and pressure.

In this workshop, Dave McNeff will address the myth that you only live in two “slices” of your life: your family and professional slices. That, of course, is where we spend most of our waking time every day. However, we have five other slices or parts of our lives that can help disperse the stress that comes out of our family and professional slices.

These other five slices are:

  • Personal
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

The “Seven-Slice Method” shows you how these other five slices can provide you a respite and perspective without demanding a huge time commitment. Putting our lives in this slice context can have a tremendous impact on how we feel. Learning how to spend minutes per week in these slices is a simple and practical method of reducing the pressure and stress from the two main slices of our lives.

This workshop will teach you a process and method to help you identify, understand, and leverage all seven slices of your life. You’ll learn how to master the art and science of finding the time and patience to live (even if only briefly) in every part of your life.

There’s no charge to attend this meeting.

About Our Speaker

David J. McNeff is author of The Work-Life Balance Myth (McGraw-Hill) and a thought leader, executive advisor, jury trial consultant, profiling expert, workshop facilitator and keynote speaker.

A former collegiate athlete fascinated with peak performance, Dave founded Peak Consulting Group in 1995 to develop executive talent and bolster the performance of executive team dynamics for companies all over the world.

Dave is a sought-after speaker for company and organization events. His style is engaging and very funny, which has led to many repeat events including hosting company annual meetings. Dave holds a BA from Providence College and an MEd from Boston University. He enjoys tennis and golf, and has three children who reside in San Francisco and Boston.

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