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  • Dinner Meeting – Five Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm

Dinner Meeting – Five Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm

  • Monday, February 26, 2018
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Constant Contact Headquarters, 1601 Trapelo Road, Waltham, MA 02451


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Five Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm

As consultants and solo professionals, you know how difficult managing your time can be. Whenever your To Do list turns into a Didn’t Do list, do you say to yourself, “I know what to do, I'm just not doing it”?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You can't believe you have so much to do, and you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.
  •  You keep telling yourself that if you could just sit down and grind through it, you'd be fine.
  •  You know you can't do it all, but you don't how you will ever say “No” when everything seems so important.

In this session with time management expert Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, you’ll learn:

  • WHY the projects you have planned to do slide into the next day, and still don't get done and continue to hog space on your To Do list.
  • HOW to bust through procrastination using her 5-Step system. You wiII find out how to take control of your time and tasks and STOP the feelings of being weighed down, overwhelmed, and confused.
  • WHAT positive self-talk really is, when it works, and why it is only a piece of the solution you need. You will walk away with tools to take into your life and start to use right away!

You will leave with a better understanding of how you spend your time, and gain the clarity and skills to get to the next level in your business and life.

About Our Speaker:

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is a Coach and Time Matters Expert with almost 20 years of experience helping people create and achieve their goals. She draws upon her background and experience as a psychologist and researcher to create elegant out-of-the-box solutions for her clients. She was on the faculty at UMass Medical School for 6 years, founded True Focus Coaching in 2005, and was a coach on staff at the Hallowell Center for more than 5 years. As a business-savvy entrepreneur, she grew a successful coaching practice during a down economy.

She is passionate about helping smart, creative adults that have a hard time managing their time and their tasks, figure out a way that works for them.  She believes that there are no 'perfect' time management systems - you have to find the system that works for you. She also believes that solutions are found by paying attention to the present moment, and that just like Michelangelo had to chip away at the stone to find the statue, we have to get rid of all the extra stuff that isn't the core of our life.

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