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  • Breakfast of Champions: The Fear to Overcome and the Skill to Develop in a Struggling Economy

Breakfast of Champions: The Fear to Overcome and the Skill to Develop in a Struggling Economy

  • Wednesday, February 09, 2011
  • 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
  • Rebecca's Cafe, 8 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA


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Speaker:  Carl Harvey  

 In an economy that continues to struggle, many consultants are not finding new opportunities as easily as they once did. What used to work is no longer working. Yet even in this economy, there remains one proven, powerful and proactive means of acquiring new business - if one knows how to do it: cold calling.

Yet most consultants find it difficult to pick up the phone. What stops them is their belief that they lack the self-confidence and skills to cold call.

In this immediately actionable and interactive session, Carl Harvey, a sales development expert and accomplished cold caller, will help remove these roadblocks. He will begin by outlining the keys to developing an effective cold caller’s mindset so you can more consistently and effectively pick up the phone. He will then provide an exercise to help attendees to develop their own calling scripts so they can better engage their prospects, using roleplays to illustrate the approaches and techniques. Finally, he will discuss how to stay in conversation on the phone to get a yes, no, or next step.

Cold calling should not be seen as an occasion of fear and dread, but as an activity where you are in charge, opportunity is uncovered and money is to be made. This session is intended to give you the skills and self-confidence to begin seeing cold calling for what it is so that you can not only survive, but thrive even in a struggling economy.

About the Presenter

Carl Harvey, the founder of Success & Self-Esteem, is a sales development expert and master cold caller with more than 20 years of selling success to his credit. His company, Success & Self-Esteem, offers a unique sales training and sales development process that helps salespeople develop the selling skills and psychological competencies required for lasting selling success.

Carl is the author of the path-breaking book, What’s Stopping You? Building the confidence you need to succeed in sales. What’s Stopping You? is the first book to integrate the science of psychology and the art of selling to provide powerful, proven techniques to achieve selling success.

Carl also studied and trained to be a psychotherapist before deciding to put his training into the profession he is most passionate about: selling.


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