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Mentoring Program: Collaborate for Excellence!

  • Friday, January 28, 2011
  • 9:00 AM - 9:59 AM
  • Members Only Mentoring Conference Call

Jackie Grubb

For many years, Jackie Grubb has been a believer in, and practitioner of, collaboration. And because it has worked so well for her, she is becoming a “collaboration evangelist”.

Jackie discovered early in her career that a collaborative approach produces better and more satisfying long-term results.

She has practiced collaboration throughout her career and personal life, which includes:

  • Raising two children who are now successful adults
  • Getting her junior high students to act like adults in her classroom
  •  Using a collaborative approach to develop a documentation and training team for a computer system
  •  Working harmoniously with other independent consultants on several different client projects
  • Facilitating a volunteer committee that planned and executed a major redecoration of the lobby and halls in her 110-unit coop apartment building.

Today, Jackie develops custom PC databases for small businesses.

She first learned about collaborative management while working on a master’s degree during the 1970s. Over the past decade, she has been noticing increased interest in and embracing of collaboration – in the software development community and within some major corporations, among other places.

Her presentation will include ideas about how organizational structures and attitudes must change to make collaboration work. She will draw on her own experiences, as well as insights from her reading and her discussions with other “collaborators” into how businesses are practicing collaboration today.

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