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  • Dinner Meeting: Learning to Write More Effective Emails to Build Your Client Base

Dinner Meeting: Learning to Write More Effective Emails to Build Your Client Base

  • Monday, May 16, 2016
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Hilton Garden Inn, 450 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, MA 02451


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Learning to Write More Effective Emails to Build Your Client Base

Have you ever gotten an email that annoyed you? Wonder if you’ve ever written an email that has annoyed someone else – and maybe someone you were trying impress, rather than annoy?

Diane Darling can help. As one of the premier networking consultants in the United States, she knows how important email is for building connections. But she also knows how overwhelming email has become for everyone.

Many busy professionals find that “checking email has become synonymous with working, to the point where it seems to be taking over our working lives,” as Fortune observed in a 2012 article. The “average knowledge worker” spends 28 percent of his or her time managing email. The research group Radicati found that last year, the average business user sent and received 122 messages a day. And the trend line is only going upward.

To make sure your messages hit their mark – get noticed, opened, read, and acted on – attend this interactive, participatory workshop. You will learn from Diane how write an effective email. And you’ll learn what mistakes to avoid.

Among possible topics to be covered:

  • How better subject lines can help
  • How you can be both concise and complete
  • How you can recognize the limits of email, and know when to make a phone call instead or even ask for a meeting

About Our Speaker:

Diane Darling consults and speaks on a range of topics in the field of networking and communications. Recipients of her insightful newsletters know she has a knack for bringing her own personal observations to larger public issues, and for bringing a light touch to difficult situations.

Diane’s travels include all seven continents and approximately 60 countries. Having lived overseas for several years and domestically, in several regions of the USA, Diane has acquired a keen appreciation and awareness of international cultures. She is able to respond to the complexities of cultural, gender, and racial relationships.

Diane has appeared on NBC Nightly News and in The Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe. She provides commentaries for a variety of publications. She has taught in the MBA program at Boston University and is a member of the CEO Club in Boston.

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