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  • Dinner Meeting: How You Can Build Your Business Through Referrals

Dinner Meeting: How You Can Build Your Business Through Referrals

  • Monday, September 21, 2015
  • 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Hilton Garden Inn, 450 Totten Pond Road, Waltham, MA 02451


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How You Can Build Your Business Through Referrals


Is there a way to succeed in business without really “selling”?

Yes. It’s called referral-based marketing.

Paul Hutchinson is a master at it, and if you attend this presentation, you’ll be on your way to mastery, too.

Paul will help us with a problem many of us face: Independent consultants and other solo professionals often find “selling” the thing they least like to do. But the essence of being in business for yourself – “on your own,” as they say – is taking responsibility for bringing in new work.

Paul will talk us through these questions you may have about building your business or practice through referrals.

  • What is a referral-based marketing program?
  • How can it drive the growth of my business or practice?
  • Why do some people get great referrals, while others do not?
  • How do I go about asking for referrals?
  • How do I follow up effectively once I’ve asked?

He will also show each of us how to create a detailed individual plan for generating more and better referrals. We’ll learn ways to harvest the sources we all ready have to build referrals.


If you’re already getting most of your business by referrals, Paul will show you how to step up your game with his systematic approach.

Paul says, “Ask yourself, where do I go when I need to find a resource such as a physician or dentist? Do you just Google ‘dentist’? No, you ask people you trust.

“Learning who to ask and how to ask for referrals is a critical part of building a business, and yet it is not an easy process to master. During the presentation you will get an opportunity to learn from what others have already discovered, and you will get a chance to develop your own process of asking for referrals.” You will leave with your new plan in hand.


About Our Speaker:


Paul R. Hutchinson, a senior management consultant with a passion for selling and teaching others how to sell effectively, founded Hutchinson Consulting in 2003. Paul helps his clients close more business, and close it more quickly, by showing them how to follow up consistently and systematically with their qualified prospects.


He has delivered powerful and engaging seminars to professional organizations such as the IEEE Boston Section, the IEEE Consultants’ Network, and the Merrimack Valley Small Business Center.


As a former senior business analyst in Fortune 500 companies, and the co-owner of a private consulting firm, Paul has over twenty years of corporate and private experience in consulting with professional services along with the software, technology, and healthcare industries. In addition, Paul currently serves as an adviser to the executive director of the Merrimack Valley Small Business Center. He has served on the Executive Team of the Mass Bay Organization Development Learning Group and on the board of directors for the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce.

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