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The official name of this organization is The Society of Professional Consultants. The abbreviation, SPC or term The Society, may be used interchangeably in correspondence and marketing literature. All commitments should be made using the full name. SPC's principal place of business is at the address designated by the Board of Directors.


SPC is a non-profit association of professional consultants and others who are considering becoming professional consultants. The purpose of SPC is to provide mutual support and benefits for its members in order to help them maintain successful consulting practices.

To this end, SPC:
Promotes the general use of consultants and SPC member consultants to the business community.
Provides a network for consultants to explore client opportunities, arranges collaborative efforts and shares in business development activities.
Provides support to member consultants in starting, developing and maintaining consulting practices

Achievement of this purpose is accomplished through the concept that members, by helping each other, will help The Society and themselves.

The Mission Statement of The Society of Professional Consultants is "The Society of Professional Consultants (SPC) supports its diverse membership in their quest to be superior consultants and business people. We provide topical and challenging programming, in-depth education, mentoring, and peer interaction for both new and seasoned consultants." The tag line is: Dedicated to the independent consultant’s quest for excellence."



The SPC welcomes all persons performing in a consulting capacity or who are in the process of evaluating the consulting career path. Members are required to comply with SPC's standards of conduct and pay annual membership dues on a timely basis.


SPC is staffed and managed by volunteer members. From time to time, as the Board of Directors determines, additional members may be added to the Board and outside staff members may be contracted to perform specific functions.

The members of the Board of Directors are elected annually to staff, manage and oversee SPC business and operations. The term of the President is two years.  At the end of the first year, the next President is elected and serves as Vice President until the President's second year is completed.




The elected Board of Directors may consist of:



Provides leadership role for the organization, its members, and the board of directors.
Presides at monthly meetings and board meetings.
Communicates to membership through the Consultants Communicate newsletter.
Assists board and membership as needed.
Focal point for inquiries about SPC from the website, press community, and others.
Signs contracts as required.

Vice-President (President Elect)

Works with the President to perform the duties of the President.

Assumes all of the duties of the President in the President's absence.


Marketing Chair

Responsible for developing and managing SPC's annual marketing program.
Uses external programs such as advertising, trade shows, seminars, newsletters and direct mail to promote SPC referral service.
Works closely with the Publicity Chair to bring increased visibility to SPC and its members.


Membership Chair
Seeks opportunities to increase value of SPC membership.
Organize check-in process at meetings and provide friendly greeting.
Periodically report membership trends to board.
Determine why people join and leave SPC.
Organize membership renewal process.
Maintain current list of SPC members.


Program Chair

Responsible for speakers and program content at monthly meetings.
Maintains lists of qualified speakers - both internal and external.
Coordinates with seminar chair and board to ensure coverage w/o duplication.
Arranges annual holiday, usually with allied organizations.



Has charge of all monies of SPC.
Maintains adequate financial records.
Maintains file of financial documents.
Prepares annual budget and reports finances at bi-monthly board meetings.
Prepares and/or reviews contracts and legal documents as needed.



Originates and maintains records of all board meetings.
Maintains non-financial records for SPC.
Performs other tasks as requested by the board.


Mentor Chair

Responsible for the definition of a process by which SPC members support each other through the sharing of professional information in response to a member request.
The Mentor Chair will function as the collection point for these requests and insure timely response.


Publicity Chair

Oversees development of a program to bring increased visibility to SPC and its members.
Working with the SPC President and Marketing Chair, the Publicity Chair looks for opportunities to create newsworthy items.
Recruits and organizes a Publicity Committee to focus on publicity and to support seminars, meetings, and special events.


Referral Service Chair

Receives requests for consulting services.
Qualifies the lead by contacting the prospect.
Determines actual requirements for task.
Checks member database to find 2 or 3 consultants that can meet the prospect's needs.
Ensures that leads are fairly distributed to qualified members.
Contacts the consultants to provide them with prospect's information.
Requests feedback from referrals. Reports data to the board.


Seminar Chair

Responsible for overseeing seminar programs led/coordinated by Seminar Leaders and providing support and direction as needed.

Coordinate topics with other SPC programs.


Consultants Communicate Editor

Responsible for bi-monthly publishing of Consultants Communicate newsletter.
Soliciting articles from board members, and formatting/editing as required.



Maintains all aspects of the SPC web site through the service provider.
Includes monthly updates, board e-mail alias list, password entry, membership lists, posting notices as needed, preparing election pages, posting Consultants Communicate, etc.


Member at Large (2 positions) 

Represents SPC membership at board meetings and assists the board with planning and activities. Responsible for annual nominations and elections.


(All positions require preparation of annual budget, reports to the board 6 times per year, and planning/direction of SPC.)


Immediate Past President
Provides experience and assistance to the active Board at board meetings and assists the board with planning and activities.

All positions require preparation of annual budget, reports to the board, participation in the planning & directing of SPC and budget review.



These rules of order are the general operating policies and procedures by which The Society of Professional Consultants shall be governed.


A. The Board of Directors is the governing body of SPC and will, to the best of its ability, carry out the wishes of the members with respect to the direction, activities and programs of the organization. A meeting of the board shall be convened at least once in an annual term. Additional board meetings may be convened periodically or as needed to carry out the business of the SPC. Members may submit items to the meeting agenda and attend the meetings to present issues of concern.

B. Program meetings shall take place in accordance with the published calendar of events.

C. Election of Officers shall occur prior to the July meeting so that new officers may start prior to the September, return-from-vacation start of the year. The July meeting will be preceded by fair notice for nominations and distribution/posting of ballots and other issues for member consideration. The members at large shall be responsible for the counting of the ballots. A nominee for office with a majority of the submitted ballots will be elected to that office.

D. When a member of the Board of Directors is deemed no longer able to effectively carry out the duties of office, said member may be removed by a majority vote of the of the Board of Directors.

E. Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled from the membership of SPC. Due notice of said vacancy and its duties and responsibilities shall be communicated to the membership in a timely manner. Any member may place in nomination to the Board of Directors the name of a member in good standing. The Board of Directors shall vote on any member(s) nominated at the earliest convenient meeting of the Board of Directors. A majority vote of the Board of Directors shall be required to elect a member to fill a vacancy. 


F.  All documents and publications that are official communications of SPC shall have the consent of The Board of Directors or designate for format and content.

G. Membership fees shall be established and set by the Board of Directors. Dues and fees will be used to cover the costs of programs provided for the benefit of the membership and other such expenses as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

H. Changes to these Articles may be made by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Detail procedures that change frequently or deemed normal or ordinary, shall be an amendment to these Articles.




The programs offered by The Society of Professional Consultants are one means by which The Society attains its purpose. These programs may include but are not limited to:


A. Program Meetings - providing a format for building professional relationships through networking with other members and guests, maintaining competence level or learning new ideas from featured speakers, and social interaction with members and guests.

B. Educational Seminars - offering relevant ideas and concepts in developing and managing a consulting practice, a forum for discussing common problems and developing solutions and another chance to build professional network relationships.

C. Trade Shows and Conferences - providing (as opportunities arise to participate) visibility to the business community of SPC and member consulting practices, and opportunities for business development.

D. Network Gathering - as appropriate, building professional relationships with members of other organizations and a forum for business development.

E. Consultants Fair - providing an exposition ground for each member to be visible to the business community.

F. Speakers Bureau - providing exposure of member consultants to the business community for speaking engagements and potential business development.

G. Referral Service - providing potential client business development.

H. Roundtable - providing collaborative exposure to business development


I. Mentor Program - a means of providing assistance by experienced consultants to new or inexperienced consultants.



The official publications of The Society are marketing tools for both The Society and for member consulting practices. These may include but are not limited to:


A. Consultants Communicate - the SPC newsletter published periodically for communicating SPC business and current issues involved with a consulting practice.

B. SPC Membership Directory -- provided for members to use in building professional relationships, provide referrals to other consultants of different disciplines, and build consultant collaborative and network partnerships,

C. SPC Brochure - our marketing tool focus directed externally to the business community for encouraging use of consultants especially SPC member consultants.

D. Professional White Papers and Articles - published by member consultants and reprinted for the use of the membership as a marketing tool.

E. SPC Business Calendar - published periodically to notify members of SPC activities and other business programs available and of interest to members.

F. SPC Website - a means of providing communications and information to SPC members, potential members and potential clients.



Benefits may be offered to enhance a member's consulting practice or to provide a product or service to assist a member in a self- employed status.

Group buying benefits may be obtained with participation from a sufficient number of members.


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